How To Use Pinterest To Plan Your Remodel

How To Use Pinterest To Plan Your Remodel

Posted by Kirsten Sharp on Oct 22nd 2020

Planning a remodel can be stressful, but Pinterest can help! Today I'm talking with Kate Ahl of Simple Pin Media about smart ways you can use Pinterest to organize decorating ideas, find the perfect paint color and design a home you'll love. We also dive into how she used Pinterest to tackle several remodels in her own home.


Kate Ahl

For those of you who don't know Kate, I like to think of her as the "Queen of Pinterest". She's the creator of Simple Pin Media and knows pretty much everything there is to know about Pinterest. We love Simple Pin because they share simple, actionable tips on how to grow your Pinterest account. In fact we love them so much, Julep Tile has been a client of theirs for several years now. You can find out more about Kate and Simple Pin Media here.


  • What is Pinterest?
  • How Kate used Pinterest to create a "she shed"
  • How to use Pinterest to gather design ideas and narrow down your favorites
  • All about Kate's recent kitchen remodel
  • Why Pinterest is the perfect place to collaborate with your interior designer or get feedback from friends
  • Why Kirsten calls her current house a 90s popsicle stand
  • Kate's advice if you're starting a remodel


Simple Pin Podcast Episode 136: Selling Physical Products on Pinterest (Kate interviews Kirsten)

Ready to start dreaming up your own remodel on Pinterest? Let's be Pinterest friends!