5 Neutral Backsplash Tile Ideas

5 Neutral Backsplash Tile Ideas

Posted by Kirsten Sharp on Oct 21st 2021

If bold color is not your thing, a neutral backsplash tile might be just what you've been looking for. Today I'm rounding up five of my favorite neutral tile colors to give you some ideas for your own kitchen backsplash. 

1. Cobham Handmade Tile in FC Cream Crackle

Shown Above: Tile Pattern - Cobham Handmade Tile / Glaze Color - FC Cream Crackle

If you love white but want something with just a tad more warmth and color, FC Cream Crackle might be the ticket. 

Curious what the "FC" stands for? It's actually named for my grandmother, Fran Crider, who loved sparkly things like our crackle glazed tiles.

2. Brocade Handmade Tile in Glossy Soft White

Shown Above: Tile Pattern - Brocade Handmade Tile / Glaze Color - Glossy Soft White

White seems simple but as many of you have realized, it can be pretty tricky! 

Glossy Soft White would be a good choice for you if you're searching for an off-white glaze that's not overly yellow. 

The finish of this glaze is what I would call a semi-matte finish as it's not super shiny and not super matte either. 

3. Bloom Handmade Tile in Cream

Shown Above: Tile Pattern - Bloom Handmade Tile / Glaze Color - Cream

Learn more about Crazing (cracks shown) here

If you love the color of FC Cream Crackle (featured in tile idea #1) but don't want a crackle finish, Cream is a great alternative. 

This glaze may craze over time, but you won't get as many cracks as a full crackle glaze. If you're not familiar, "crazing" is a natural process that happens in certain glazes whereby small cracks develop in the glaze surface, not the ceramic tile itself. 

The small cracks shown in the photo above are an example of crazing. Learn more about crazing here.

Another fun fact about our Cream glaze: it's actually a translucent glaze which means the warm, creamy color you see is actually the color of the clay underneath!

4. Damask Handmade Tile in Eggshell

Shown Above: Tile Color - Damask Handmade Tile / Glaze Color - Eggshell

Eggshell is actually one of the most versatile glazes in our palette. It looks great next to a true white but also plays nicely with off-whites and creams. 

If you're looking for a white tile that goes with everything, this is one to consider.

5. Hiser Handmade Tile in Cream, New Satin White & Stone Gray

Shown Above: Tile Pattern - Hiser Handmade Tile / Glaze Colors - Cream, New Satin White & Stone Gray

And if you just can't decide, why not mix several neutrals together? The photo above shows a mix of Hiser Handmade tiles in Cream, New Satin White, & Stone Gray.

Check out this color combination shown on a kitchen backsplash here.

Looking for a neutral tile for your own kitchen? You can shop all our samples here:


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