What makes your tile handmade?studio-photo-handmade-artisan-tile-on-drying-rack.jpg

We make each tile from scratch in our studio just outside Denver, Colorado. We press and trim each piece by hand, then allow them to dry before hand-glazing and firing them in our kilns. We love the variation in color and texture this process creates, and are proud of the fact that each tile is touched by hand an average of 15 times before we ship it out to you.

What makes your tile unique?

Our patterns are inspired by classic wallpaper and textile patterns – to translate this inspiration into tile and achieve the same seamless look we incorporated grout as part of the design. Often it seems grout is an afterthought in a tile installation – an unwanted necessity required to fill the space between tiles. We aimed to eliminate this design challenge and the result is a beautiful pattern and a unique-looking finished installation.

We are one of the few tile manufacturers who single fire their tile. Traditionally, ceramic tile is bisque-fired before being glazed and then fired for a second time. Seeing as how we are tree huggers out in Colorado, we wanted to do our part to reduce our impact on the environment. Firing our tile just once is one of the unique ways we do that.

Where can I use your tile?

Our tile is perfect for backsplashes, showers, fireplace surrounds and pretty much any indoor wall application. Our tile has not yet been rated for outdoor or floor applications.

Glazes from our Crackle and Watercolor collections (any glaze with codes starting in “CL” or “CR”) are not recommended for extremely wet locations (like the direct spray from a shower). If you do install those glazes in an area like that, be sure to seal the tile well upon installation and then once every year afterwards.

loose-ceramic-tile-samples.jpgDo you offer samples?

We sure do. Seeing the product in person will give you the most accurate representation of color and finish. Click here to see all our sample pack options.

How long will it take to receive my order?

All of our tile is made-to-order in the color and pattern of your choosing. We pride ourselves on handcrafting the best quality product we can, and that sort of excellence in tile-making takes time! Most samples ship within 1-2 business days, but please allow up to 1-2 weeks for our Custom Sample Pack. Lead time for orders is 4-6 weeks, but large quantities and 2-color orders may take longer. For the most accurate estimate, give us a call.

Any advice on installation?

We highly recommend hiring a professional tile installer to install our product. As with any handmade tile, slight color and size variations may occur. To achieve a uniform look once installed, first un-package all tile and mix the pieces well.

We recommend using a sanded grout. Sanded grout is ideal for tile patterns like ours that have larger areas of exposed grout. Not sure what color to use? Before committing to a grout color for your entire installation, you can try one out by applying some to the face of an extra decorative tile. Allow the grout to dry completely to see the most accurate color.

We advise sealing the tile well upon installation with a high quality sealant. Glazes from our Crackle and Watercolor Collections (including Cream) should be sealed once a year as the cracks in the glaze will continue to develop.

When installing our Damask pattern, please note that it is not symmetrical design. We intended for the tile to be vertical with the dots at the top – but you’re the customer, right?! Make sure the tiles are all oriented in the same direction when installing.

How about maintenance?

Some wearing and scratching of the glaze surface over time is expected. Do not use an abrasive scouring pad or harsh cleaning products when cleaning the tile.