How To Create A Kitchen Color Scheme (online course)

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Before I tell you about this course, let's make sure you're a good fit.

You are right for How To Create A Kitchen Color Scheme if  you want to be able to coordinate your kitchen finishes like cabinets, countertops, backsplash & flooring (as well as wall & trim colors) with confidence and ease. 

You want to design your dream kitchen but are struggling to translate it into reality, and feel you are missing a few key skills to make it happen.

If you are...

  • A homeowner just starting your kitchen renovation and feeling completely overwhelmed by all the decisions you need to make and don't even know where to start
  • A homeowner who has already picked one or two kitchen finishes but are struggling to choose the final finishes that will tie everything together
  • Designing a kitchen with your spouse/significant other and would like to create a kitchen you both love (without ending up in divorce court!)
  • A designer who wants to sharpen their skills in specifying kitchen finishes and learn how to make sure your client's cabinets, countertops, backsplash and flooring coordinate beautifully


By the end of this course, you will have...



 Hi, I'm Kirsten!

screenshot-2024-02-06-at-2.31.23-pm.pngIn case we haven't met, I'm Kirsten Sharp and I started Julep Tile Company with my husband, Peter, in 2010.

I've coached hundreds of our clients on their kitchen designs, I've completed two of my own kitchen renovations, and I'm a Certified True Color expert.

I created this course because the #1 thing I see our clients struggle with is coordinating their kitchen color scheme, namely their cabinets, countertops, backsplash & flooring. 

Which makes sense because these decisions are usually fairly expensive and generally pretty permanent!

But the truth is that you don't have to be a world-class designer to create a beautiful kitchen color scheme.

You just need to know a few key design principles, and follow a simple design process. 

I'm so excited to share that with you in this course!






Course Outline


MODULE 1: Gather Information

In this module, we start building the foundation for our kitchen color scheme

  • LESSON 1: Identify Existing Kitchen Finishes
  • LESSON 2: What Does Your Dream Kitchen Look Like?
  • LESSON 3: Gather Inspiration Photos


MODULE 2: Look For Commonalities

In this module, we'll learn the best way to review the information we've gathered so it can be useful to us in creating our kitchen color scheme

  • LESSON 1: Examples of Common Kitchen Color Schemes
  • LESSON 2: Identify Your Common Kitchen Color Schemes


MODULE 3: Compare & Narrow Down

This is where your your kitchen color scheme really starts taking shape! By the end of this module, you will have narrowed your list down to one (or maybe two) finalist kitchen color schemes

  • LESSON 1: Narrow Down Your Kitchen Color Schemes
  • LESSON 2: Compare With Your Partner
  • LESSON 3: Identify Your Finishes


MODULE 4: Get Samples

In this module, we'll talk about why samples are important, where to shop for them, and how to use them correctly.

  • LESSON 1: Why Do I Need Samples?
  • LESSON 2: Where To Get Samples
  • LESSON 3: Different Kinds Of Samples
  • LESSON 4: Shop For Samples


MODULE 5: Finalize your Color Scheme

In this final module, we'll be making our final decision on kitchen color scheme! Woohoo!

  • LESSON 1: How To View Your Samples
  • LESSON 2a: Vignette Example With Taj Mahal Quartzite Countertop
  • LESSON 2b: Vignette Example With Cambria Brittanicca Warm Countertop
  • LESSON 2c: Vignette Examples With Cambria Smithfield Countertop
  • LESSON 3: Choose Your Final Kitchen Color Scheme
  • LESSON 4: Place Your Orders & Celebrate!



Q: What is a kitchen color scheme?

A: Your kitchen color scheme includes all your hard kitchen finishes- like your cabinets, countertops, backsplash and flooring. In the course, we also talk about how to choose wall and trim paint colors.


Q: What if I've already chosen SOME of my kitchen finishes?

A: No problem! In the course, we address how to include these in your final kitchen color scheme.



Q: What if I've already chosen ALL my kitchen finishes?

A: This would likely not be the course for you unless you still have time and flexibility to change some of finishes you picked out.



Q: Does this course address cabinet design and layout?

A: No, but we have plans to create a future course about that so stay tuned!


Q: Do I get the full online course all at once?

A: Yes! You have immediate access to the entire course so you can watch it at your own pace.


Q: Do you offer refunds?

A: Due to the digital nature of this product, we do not offer refunds.


Q: Do I need design software to complete this course?

A: Nope! We do, however, highly recommend you use Pinterest as part of the design process. If you don't already have an account, it's FREE to sign up and we walk you through how to use it in the course.


Q: I have no design experience. Is this course for me?

A: Yes! Because this course follows a simple step-by-step process, anyone can learn how to create a beautiful kitchen color scheme.