Get Samples


Samples are a great way to view the color, size & handmade quality of our tile. We highly recommend ordering a set before purchasing tile with us.

But you may be asking yourself...

Why Do I Need Samples?

Great question! Seeing the tiles in person will give you the most accurate representation of what your tile will look like in your space. You can learn more and decide which sample pack is right for you here:



How Do I Get Samples?

Ordering samples is easy! We offer three different sample packs that ship right to your door. You can find all the options and order your sample pack here:



My Samples Arrived. What Now?

We're feverishly working on a video to show how to best use your samples once they arrive. Be sure to check back for more details!

But just so we don't leave you hanging in the meantime, an easy tip is this: Place all samples as they would be installed. For example, place your countertop sample on a horizontal surface and your tile and cabinet samples leaning vertically up against the wall. Placement of samples can affect the color quite a bit, and viewing them this way will allow you to make the most accurate decision. Happy Tiling!